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Huangyan Hongzhen school is organized by the Hong Zhen Group, Cai Guisen chairman of the investment, Huangyan District Board of Education approved the full-time nine-year private schools, after 10 years of school practice and reform and development, and achieved brilliant achievements in running a school.

The school is located in No. 890 West Second Ring Road, has excellent conditions for running schools, first-class education environment, strong teachers and advanced educational philosophy, the school culture and education as the mainstay, to enhance the overall quality of students characterized, For the development of students "as a school concept, the" hard to learn, the pursuit of success "as the school motto of Acer vibration.

The goal of the new school is to build the school into a "first-class enterprise workers in the province's children school", so that our new Taizhou, business development builders of children to enjoy the joy of learning the glory and happiness.

Hongzhen school in Taizhou all similar schools in the running environment, teaching facilities, teachers, management team, are second to none. The school principals of Zhejiang Province by the spring of silkworm prize winner, the original experiment primary school principals, primary school senior teacher Ruan Jibao as primary and secondary school subjects by senior teachers and middle-aged backbone teachers (such as secondary school mathematics by the teaching experience of high school Teacher Chen Yue Lin to teach). We firmly believe that Acer's strong and high-quality teaching team can lay a successful future and hope for the children.


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